Basses I’ve owned


Some Basses I’ve owned renovated & sold on.

The Aria Pro ll SB1200

This was a fairly rare SB1200. It comes in a stained/oiled finish and is subject to dents and dings moreso than the standard lacquered SB series. When I received this bass some clown had decided to hack away at the headstock, sawing it short and trying to remake the scrolly bit with a file. I dont know why people abuse their basses so much. It played so nicely I just had to try and rescue it as best I could with limited resources. The pictures are all after my efforts. I decided to buy an old CSB which was unplayable because it had a warped neck. I grafted the headstock onto the SB1200 after sanding and cutting. I used 3 dowel plugs to provide extra strength to the join although there was no real stress because the tuners were still intact on the original headstock. I glued, sanded and stained some veneer on both sides and attempted to recreate the Aria Pro custom shop logo from gold transfer paper. Then I used a satin lacquer with sanding to complete. I knew it wouldn’t be a perfect job, but it did turn out better than I expected and the  old girl got  a new lease of life in Isreal.

20140405_105758 20140405_105815 20140405_105831 20140405_105919 20140405_105951 20140405_110024

20140405_105726 20140405_105746

A candy Apple red Elite l

I decided to pick this up because it was an Elite with the narrow neck profile I like and it was at a good price. The candy apple finish was also some what rare. The neck had a cosmetic crack but after a general cleanup, dissasemble, reassemble, new strings, setup she was playing very nicely. At this time I still had too many basses and it wasn’t the Elite ll LTD I was looking for. It did play fast like you would expect from an Elite.

20140405_110503 20140405_110520 20140405_110542 20140405_110733 20140405_110755 20140405_110453

SB-R80 Black & Gold.

A two pickup version of the SB-R60. Overall a nice bass nice deep sound. It started life as a plain black R80 with chrome tuners that were shot. Using some spare bridge parts and gold tuners I brought it back to some semblance of a real Black & Gold.

CIMG1259 CIMG1260 CIMG1261 CIMG1262 CIMG1263 CIMG1264 CIMG1265 CIMG1266 CIMG1258