Sayonara drinks with Jason.

Yesterday Friday 26th June 2015 I had some final beers with Jason. Jason has been my good friend and fellow Aria Pro ll fan for a few years now. We met on one of the bass player forums when I was just getting interested in music again. During the 2 years or so that he lived and worked in Japan we’ve had a number of outings. Mainly beers and chinwags but the occasional window shopping in the high end bass shops around Shibuya. Also in attendance was Stevie Glasgow bass player extraordinaire. I hadn’t seen Stevie for a few years either so it seemed a good idea to meet up with them both at the same time. The venue was the Hobgoblin British pub in Shibuya. Real British ales can be purchased and consumed on the premesis.

We spoke about basses, players, music as a whole and had a great evening. Its a bit sad to say goodbye to Jason, but we keep in touch by mail anyway.