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This is my Soundcloud page.
Shinopshino Being


My Projects


Full Aria Pro ll Elite ll project.
Aria Pro ll Elite ll hacks and upgrades/


Playtech Fretless Bass conversion/completion.(Full Project)
Playtech 6 String fretless conversion.


Jason’s Aria Blog
Jason’s Aria Bass Blogspot


Aria Pro 2 Bass guitars, current line-up
Aria Pro 2 current models


Matsumoku page. Matsumoku the factory that produced the original SB’s.


Matsumoku SB series feature page
Matsumoku SB series


Another Aria fan page
Graeme Fyfe


My friend Zuma’s blog page. Another Aria SB owner.
Zuma’s blog


Stevie Glasgow (The funniest Bassist alive)


Mark Murdoch’s Cymbalic Encounters




What the Dickens. Authentic British live house in Ebisu


Jim Atwood. Synth blogger and fellow Japan resident