Aria Pro SB-ELT neck repair


Aria Pro II SB-ELT Neck Repair

Another weekend repair job to a late ’80s or early 90’s SB-ELT. When I bought it the fretboard had come away from the neck. Luckily it was a clean separation. As pictured, I used a good brand of wood glue, clamps, and a syringe to inject the glue in between the neck and separated fingerboard. With the bridge removed notice the “Aria Pro II 1980 Made in Japan” stamped on the back of the bridge.This does not indicate the bass was manufactured in 1980. The other big clue is the slightly pointier headstock on the ELT. Its more likely the date on the bridge refers to the date of the patent or the original production run of the bridge.The ELT model appears in the 1989 Aria catalog so we can guess this bass is from about that time. Also notice the non-recessed output jack. Older SBs will be recessed, so this is one clue to tell them apart. The other big clue is the slightly pointier headstock on the ELT.

After gluing the neck, I gently rubbed out the sides of the neck to remove any excess glue followed by some car polish to restore the shine.One of the tuners was also broken when the bass arrived so I ordered some Gotoh replacements. Unfortunately they were 4 in line rather than 2×2! However, So I reverse mounted the lower two and made due with the 4 in line tuners quite nicely!